BAF community created this city guide to plan your stay easier. Here, you will find the best entertainment options, information about the local cultural life and nightlife, names and locations of the most atmospheric bars and spaces, and some useful tips from our team.

Entertainment options and nightlife
Gozsdu udvar and Kazinczy street are two areas with nightlife venues concentrated. All types of places can be found there, from cozy bars to ruin pubs.

Bars, Clubs and Spaces
Learn more about Budapest`s most atmospheric places!

Cultural Life

There is a well developed public transportation network in Budapest, with schedules that help to plan a trip ahead so you can be everywhere on time. There are night services as well, so usually there is no need for a taxi. Unfortunately, there is no Uber in Budapest, so the only way to get a taxi is through an official company.

Airport Transfer/ Shuttle Bus - the bus number 100E travels from the Liszt Ferenc Airport directly into the city center. It is possible to buy a ticket through a ticket machine. The price for one-way ticket is 3 EUR or 900 HUF.
BKK Futár - this is the official app of Budapest Public Transportation Service. All routes can be monitored in real-time.
Smart City Budapest (offline map) - a perfect walking map. Offline map can be downloaded.
Budapest has a very good public transportation system, and this is one of the reasons why taxi is not that popular. Taxi is a relatively expensive type of transportation, also Uber does not operate in Hungary. Here is the list of the most popular and safe taxi companies, which operate 24/7:
6x6 Taxi

The best marketplaces in Budapest
Lehel Piac
Budapest, Váci út 9-15.
Hold utcai piac
Budapest, Hold u. 13.
Hunyadi téri piac
Budapest, Hunyadi tér 4-5.
Central Market
Budapest, Vámház krt. 1-3, 1093
Szimpla Sunday Farmers' Market
Budapest, Kazinczy u. 14, 1075
Hold Street Market and Downtown Market
Budapest, Unit 22, Hold u. 13, 1054
Hunyadi Square Market
Budapest, Hunyadi tér 4, 1067

Skygate is a company based in Budapest, Hungary. It deals with international transportation such as air and sea export-import. We highly recommend this company for transportation of artworks, as it has already proven its reliability and accuracy.

Rozsakert Medical Center
Budapest, Gábor Áron u. 74-78, 1026
Rózsakert Medical Center (RMC) provides a full spectrum of outpatient care and offers same-day surgical procedures.

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