Deenesh GHYCZY - Artist in residence, September, 2014

(...) In the work of Deenesh Ghyczy, the mirror becomes a distorting lens through which the subject is both crushed and multiplied. The birth of the post-modern subject occurs as follows:first there is the fragmentation of modern and rational, then, as a result of its break-up and its dispersion, it gives gives rise to today's society full of multiple identities linked within each of us . In this new awareness of the multiplicity of our identities and our roles, Ghyczy seems to suggest that the ‘univocal’ portrait, to which we have become so accustomed through the history of painting, has now become ‘impossible’. The new ‘I’ needs multiple points of view and angles in order to be seen and understood in its ‘totality’. 
Other series of paintings echo thematically and spiritually what Ghyczy’s work tries to make visible. The subject engages in a dialogue with himself, with his own aura. While its inwardness appears and resounds we, as external viewers, are gripped by a fear and a hope. There is more to the world than the visible, the power of this painting is to show us this truth, going beyond the actual perception to reach deeper dimensions.
Taken from „Insight Inside“ by Dr. Nicholas David Angerame, May 2014


Born 1970, Diepholz, Germany


1991-1992 St.Luc Academy, Brussels, BE
Art Academy, Budapest, HU
1988-1990 Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, NL

Solo exhibitions (selected)

Insight Inside - Pantocrator Gallery, Shanghai, CN
Spectral (with Greg Murr) - Whiteconcepts, Berlin, DE
El acto de ser - Alejandro Gallery, Barcelona, ES
2013 Die Gefühlte Mitte - Klettgau Gallery, Klettgau, DE
Soul Out - Art Suites Gallery, Istanbul, TR
Echo Vision, Neonchocolate Gallery, Berlin, DE
Napp und Ghyczy (with Janetta Napp) - Schreier & Von Metternich Fine Arts, Düsseldorf, DE
Tuning In (curated by Uwe Goldenstein) - Galerie kulturreich, Hamburg, DE 
2008 Hybriden (curated by Marc Wellmann) - Berlin Art Scouts, Berlin , DE
2007 Siamese Savants - Emmanuel Walderdorff Gallery, Cologne, DE
2006 Observations (with Tibor Iski Kocsis) - Vizivárosi Gallery, Budapest, HU
Second Layer - Emmanuel Walderdorff Gallery, Cologne, DE
Between Two Worlds - Erika Deák Gallery, Budapest, HU
Reflections - Kunstraum die Rampe, Bielefeld, DE
Glass and the Maiden - Ignác Tragor Museum, Vác, HU
Vakuum - Raum, Goethe-Institut, Budapest, HU
Fragile - Erika Deák Gallery, Budapest, HU 

Group exhibitions (selected)

Drive the Change - 100 Plus, Zürich, CH
Frühjahrsausstellung (with Nina Nolte and Marco Reichert) - Klettgau Gallery, Klettgau, DE 
2013 Viel Zu Viel - Galerie Baum Auf Dem Hügel, Berlin, DE
I`m Sorry, I Couldn´t Recognize You - Port-Art Gallery, Ankara, TR
Schatzlage - Emmanuel Walderdorff Gallery, Cologne, DE
Technology Won´t Save Us - Art Suites Gallery, Istanbul, TR
Young European Landscape, Collegium Hungaricum, Berlin, DE and Galerie Wolfsen, Aalborg, Denmark, DK
Ungarische Gegenwartskunst aus Berlin (with Gábor A.Nagy, Adam Bota and Konstantin Déry) - Hungarian Ambassy, Berlin, DE 
2010 On Paper - Erika Deák Gallery, Budapest, HU 
2009 Jahresgaben - Leopold Hoesch Museum, Düren, DE 
2008 Fragile Welten (with Anja Fußbach, Peter Hampel, Philip von   Mentzingen, curated by Uwe Goldenstein) - Galerie im Park, Bremen, DE 
2007 Ungarischer Sommer (with Lilla von Puttkamer) - Kunstraum B, Kiel, DE 
Figure & Space, Vonderbank Gallery, Berlin, DE
2005 Analogue (with Tamás Fuchs, László Györffy) - Szinyei Salon, Budapest, HU
Mediafactory: Interface - former Zsolnay Factory, Pécs, HU
Techno realism? - Institute of Contemporary Art, Dunaújváros, HU
Portrait - Erika Deák Gallery, Budapest, HU
Cream 2003, MEO, Budapest, HU
2002 Inherited Realism (catalogue) - Municipal Gallery, Szombathely, HU
2001 Aritmia 9, Institute of Contemporary Art, Dunaújváros, HU
Art Expo - Fresh (catalogue) - Artmill, Szentendre, HU
Dialogue - Kunsthalle, Budapest, HU
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