Dina HADDADIN - Artist in residence, July, 2013

Dina Haddadin is an architect and a growing self-taught visual artist, living and working in Jordan. Haddadin is a multidisciplinary artist working with various techniques from traditional to experimental, creating multi-layered works conversing the struggle over the right to the city and the right to be different in a landscape of transient urbanization, a study of places in transition and changing geographies and its imagined places. Questioning where do we fit? And how can one resist? When change leads to a perception of progress and defined only by new constructions.
Haddadin born in 1983 finished her B.A. in architecture in 2006. And is practicing her profession at symbiosis designs ltd. In 2008 she attended a number of courses at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, and participated in a number of local and international exhibitions and workshops since.
She won international art awards at an early age from Egypt, China and France. Her first solo exhibition 'Transit' was in March 2010. Haddadin’s works are part of collections in Jordan, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, New York and London.


Born 1983


2008 School of Visual Arts, New York, USA
2006 BA Architecture, Jordan University of Science and Technology, JO


Concrete mixers series: project featured on the 'Behance Network Gallery' a platform for world's leading creative professionals, based in New York, USA
Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts " in a dream" selected for the permanent collection
Second prize winner in "Jordan's Favorite Artist" organized by 'The Sunny Art Fair'
2008 School of Visual Arts, New York, NY 5 selected art pieces to be added to the school permanent collection on the website
2006 The winning graduation project of the Jordan Association competition 2000 The First prize 'The Summer Festival of Orfali Gallery'
1999 The First prize 'The competition held by (A BRAS OUVERTS)' Bordeaux, FR
1998 The First prize in 'Egypt in the Eyes of the World' - EG
Kuma, 3rd UNCLE Design Inc, Nadim Karam, Matthew Barton, Mathias Klotz, Massimiliano Fuksas, Dominique Perrault

Solo exhibitions (selected)

2012 Fifth Beijing International Art Biennale - National Art Museum of China, CN
A Refuge in Margins - Nabad Gallery, JO
2011 Beyond Emptiness - Zara Gallery, Amman, JO
2010 Transient Terminal: The Utopian Airport lounge' public Intervention - public performance in terminals around Amman, curated by Juliana Irene Smith, Makan House, Amman, JO
Transit - an abandoned house no.28, Amman, JO

Group exhibitions (selected)

2012 Jordanian Contemporary Art Gallery - from the permanent collection of the 'Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts', part of the "Manama Capital of Arab Culture 2012", Manama, BH
2011 Idols and Heroes (curated by AsILE association) - TheStudio, Amman, JO
…and all of the spaces in-between', installation 'the Architist' curated by Lina Sergie, Sunny Art Fair 2010, Amman, JO
17 - Shift Gallery, London, UK
Braziers International Artists Workshop (residency/open studio) - Oxfordshire, UK
Voices in the Gallery: Women artists speak out - Nabad Gallery, Amman, JO
Bytes and Pieces: multi-stage workshop organized by Darat al Funun and conducted by media artist and sound performer Tarek Atoui
Shatan's International Artists workshop: a residency part of the Triangle Arts Trust, Shatana, JO
Catatonia: multidisciplinary workshop, organized by Interruptions, Makan House, Amman, JO


Design leader/architect at Symbiosis Designs ltd, Amman, JO
Member of The CSBE Architectural Forum, Diwan Al Mimar, a discussion forum on the built environment.
A co-founder of 'Interruptions', an experimentation platform in art, design and architecture in the Levant, through publications, workshops and the creative network.

Press and reviews (selected)

2012 Artist of the month - Mathew Hamilton, Viva magazine
Featured artist - Andrew Splading, Amman Review
The empty city - Matthew Davis, JO magazine
Nature of emptiness - Rand Dalgamouni, Jordan times
Where is Amman? - a critique on 'Transit' by Eric Gottesmanin 'Log' - Anyone Corporation NY,
Voices in the gallery - Shauna Zajac, Viva magazine,
Haunted house 28 -on 'Transit’ - John Lillywhite, JO magazine
Ammani House in transition - 360 east blog, Ahmad Humeid: http://www.360east.com/?p=1221
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