Budapest Art Factory is home to a handful of contemporary art studios. BAF's permanent artists feel themselves as part of a community in which they strive to bring the best from their creativity, ideas and artistic backgrounds. Guest artists are invited to work for shorter periods through the International Artist Residency Program. They become part of the artistic community where creativity comes about under one roof. When visitors come by, they can sneak into the studios and experience the artistic processes of our in-house artists firsthand.

Betsy Melchers is a Chicago-born artist based in Budapest. Her sculptures and mixed media drawings are process-based, focusing on building up layers to create organic forms. She uses recycled cardboard tubes as the main material in her sculptures, out of an interest in using basic materials to create complex structures.
The distinctiveness of Dóra Juhász's lyrical abstract paintings is the usage of patterns. These are entities splitting the mellow but unsettling sensuality of the background, repeated in an almost orderly mode. Mostly helical, oval forms created in a non-expressive style and non-expressionist manner search their places in the composition. They are not floating in the background, nor in front of it, instead, they are woven into it without being absorbed.

Dóra is one of the co-founding artists of Budapest Art Factory

Since his studies at the Academy, Juraj has been dealing exclusively with painting in his work. The main idea of his works is simply a depiction of contemporary urban environments through open-air painting. His subject matters are environments, everyday objects and places, which are transferred through the medium of oil painting, thus acquiring new and fresh angles of view. Painting represents the honest „celebration of everyday life", which explores the author's social environment and his joy of life in the city.
Márta`s large-scale, expressive canvases reflect the micro and macro environment with an enhanced abstract visual language, introducing unique techniques. Her canvases are created with liquid paint, air gun and high gloss lacquers. Additionally, she applies synthetic components in her new works like recycled clingfilm, fabric, thread and solid acrylic.

Márta is one of the co-founding artists of Budapest Art Factory.
Michael PETTET
Michael Pettet explores art and digital painting through the prism of different media. At the forefront of digital art, Pettet embraces the challenge of imbuing the product of technology with soul. With digital tools, he follows the traditional painting process, where the drawing tablet is the canvas, the electronic pen is the paintbrush and Photoshop is the palette. The internal dialogue, which is affected by the environment and surroundings, is a major theme of his art. In the series titled Lament, Scapa Flow and the most recent project – Chernobyl Diaries, location becomes defamiliarized and personified.
Sándor SZÁSZ
Sándor Szász, born 1976 in Transylvania, Romania, explores the historical and political past of his homeland in his works. Experiences of personal uprooting and loss of individual identity are topical issues of our times. The imagery of Sándor Szász's works is usually interpreted as a post-apocalyptic state of humans and nature. We are drawn into a chaotic scene that seems to be a dark projection of the world. Vulnerability comes along with a self-destructive power. The ruin becomes a metaphor of survival and the landscape is an image of the subconscious.

Sándor is one of the co-founding artists of Budapest Art Factory