Péter Weiler

Peter Weiler is a multimedia artist working primarily with digital tools. His colorful works deal with political and emotional aspects of life in Hungary. Deep rooted melancholy for loss of time and changing cultural scenery that is apparent in design, architecture and the human interaction. He works with stylus hand-drawn images printed with giclée technology on canvas, paper and plexiglass. Weiler created the first NFT art in Hungary.

Anikó BODA

Anikó BODA (HU)

Anikó Boda worked as an obstetrician and gynaecologist before she became a full-time artist. She saw many people to die (even before they were born), this experience became the foundation-stone of her art. Her realist figurative work is based on the problems of psychological and philosophical questions of human existence. On one hand her mainly large scale oil paintings depict the transitory aspect of life using the surface qualities of old frescoe painting, on the other hand her use of bright colors celebrates the joy of everyday pleasures.