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Established in 2006 by the visual artists Márta Kucsora, Sándor Szász, and Dóra Juhász, the Budapest Art Factory (BAF) emerges as a radiant node in the dynamic cultural terrain of Budapest. In the ethos of communal collaboration, BAF manifests as both an exhibition space and a studio complex nestled within the historical embrace of a former turbine factory.

Inheriting the industrial legacy of Weiss Manfred’s hydroplane aircraft factory, the space underwent metamorphoses as a marketplace and later transformed into a workshop for wind turbines. BAF, with its transformative spirit, breathes renewed vitality into this architectural relic, transcending its utilitarian past to become more than a mere studio – a vibrant hub of artistic exploration.

Fuelled by the collective ardor of its founders, BAF beckons art professionals from across the globe, positioning itself as an authentic portal into the pulsating heart of Hungary’s art scene.

Beyond its physical confines, BAF extends its influence through meticulously curated exhibitions and profound dialogues. As a crucible for culturally significant themes, BAF aspires to collaboratively engage curators, institutions, advisors, and galleries.

At its core, BAF is a declaration of commitment – an unwavering dedication to presenting a multifaceted program that transcends traditional studio and exhibition space boundaries. Through a dynamic calendar of events, BAF seeks to dismantle borders, fostering a lively exchange of art and ideas.

As an artist-run initiative, BAF is an experiment in establishing a decentralized, self-sustaining governance model. Its mission goes beyond providing a space for new media experiments; it yearns to fill a void in Budapest’s burgeoning art scene. BAF aspires to allure international curators and artists as an exhibition venue, extending invitations to institutions and galleries for collaborative ventures. In doing so, BAF positions itself as a physical space and a catalyst for the convergence of diverse artistic voices on a global stage.