Caroline WALKER, UK

Caroline Walker, UK


Amenities and equipment list

Amenities and equipment list

30 chairs for meeting setup
3 Artsy coffee tables
Dining table to fit 10 people, with 10 dining chairs

1 projector
6 x 200 watt spotlights
Extension cord
Powerful Wifi

Kitchen facilities (2 fridges, basic kitchen cutlery, cooking stove)
Two restrooms

Floor plan

Floor plan

The studio complex is available for private rental. The 570 square meter venue space with industrial roof-light has 8-meter- high ceilings and houses the studios of 6 in-house artists. The spacious building is not only home to art studios, but it is also suitable for multiple purposes: to hold exhibitions, private events or to use it as a meeting space.

Available studio ⑨
Total floor space: 45 sqm
Height of walls: 3.3 m
Temperature: outdoors/heating available

Exhibition space ①

Sanding capacity: 50 people
Total floor space: 50 sqm
Height of walls: 3.3 m
Temperature: outdoors

Event/Meeting Space ⑥

Standing capacity: 100 people
Total floor space: 79 sqm
Height of walls: 3.3 m
Temperature: outdoors

The two rooms can be used in combination to create more space and allow for the accommodation of more people. The large white walls can be used as a screen for projecting slideshows or films, in combination with a beamer/projector.